Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daisy the Rooster

This is Daisy the 6 week old rooster.  I am calling him Daisy because when he is full grown he is going to act like he owns the hens...I'd like to take away some of his masculinity.

He came to Wormfarm two days ago.  He has yet to come out of the chicken coop.  I went inside and placed him in front of the door yesterday and today.  He still won't come out but at least today he was eating a lot of leaves.  Maybe tomorrow...

The hens peck him.  They can be very nasty.  But supposedly they are putting him in his place.

My two favorites.  They are like feathery dogs.  They come to me...sometimes.

She is always curious about me....but won't get near me.

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