Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chicken Lady...that is I

This morning Jay showed me how to open up the chicken coop, lay out their food, and collect their eggs!  It is going to become my job in the morning!  I put my hand under their warm, soft bellies and collected their eggs.  They peck me a tiny bit (doesn't hurt) but then they give in.

Jay brought me this little tree frog he'd found!  There is another picture of him at the bottom.

I painted this flower I found while exploring the Wormfarm property with Jeff.  I have been told it is Foxtail, and then told it is Red Top, but when I look up those names online, I don't see this flower.  So I am uncertain of it's name...any ideas?

More flowers I found while exploring.

Each morning we work on the farm for 3 hours then we are free for the rest of the day.  Yesterday we transplanted lettuce into the ground.  The lettuce starts growing in the hoop house to protect it from cold weather.  Once they have grown enough, they can be transplanted into the ground.  

We put up a trellis (the white plastic) for the peas so they have something to climb up on.

It is so peaceful out here.

Tree frog!

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