Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jacob and I in New York!

I leave for Wormfarm Institute in Reedsburg, Wisconsin on Sunday, but before I do, Jake and I are eating everything vegan in New York!

An all vegan doughnut shop called Dun-Well Doughnuts 8 blocks from our hostel...we plan on having a doughnut everyday!

This is the face of a man pleased with his doughnut.

I love this boy so much!

A poster in the Subway.  Tomorrow we are going to the Brooklyn Museum to see Keith Haring's work.  All my dreams are coming true!  Vegan doughnuts and Keith Haring...o my!

We had lunch at Wild Ginger, an all vegan, pan-asian restaurant.  It was incredible.

Miso soup

So happy to finally find a vegan Iced Thai Tea!  It's slightly sweet and creamy.

More to come......

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