Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Carrot Piece in the Making

A pile of watercolored carrots on paper, cut out.

I glued small pieces of jute to the backs of the carrots.

I used wheat flour glue that I made and pasted it onto the jute and then put a piece of paper over the jute.  This is the same process I used for Harvesting the Blue Potato.

I needed a way for the carrots to be pinned onto the wall, so I glued the jute to the back of the watercolor, then sewed the jute to the burlap.  This way the burlap will be pinned and not the paper. I then sew around the burlap to keep it from fraying.

Here is a completed month.  Carrots are harvested from July to November in the Midwest!  And they are super fun to harvest.  When the soil is moist it is easier.  Last summer at Green Institute I harvested some carrots.  I dug a shovel next to the greens of the carrot, then lifted the soil up and pulled out the beautiful orange carrot!  I hope I get to harvest some this summer!

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