Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicken Gestures

I will be staying at Wormfarm Institute 5 more days than originally planned.  Now my last day is June 20th.  

I have seen two hummingbirds today.  One was only a foot away from me!  They are so tiny.  Their feathers are bright red by their beaks and their backs are metallic green.  Hopefully I will get a picture.

Here are some eggs I cut out of fabric along with the bright yellow yolks I have seen from the chickens at Wormfarm.

I was painting chicken gestures today because I am going to make fabric chickens to go along with the above work.  These are super fun to do.  There really is only 7 parts to a chicken.  Back, tail, bum, legs, chest, neck and head.  They don't run away as long as I just stick to what I am doing, which is painting.  I did pick one up on my own today!  So soft!

Such a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes!

I can watch them all day!

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  1. Beautiful, is your fabric for sale anywhere, i would love chicken fabric that isn't too country!!!