Friday, June 1, 2012

Strawberries, Beets, and Mr. Daisy

I have painted about 140 strawberries and cut them out.  They will be attached to each other and the few months they are harvested!

Yesterday in the garden we thinned the carrots and beets.  We pulled out some of the carrots and beets that were too close to each other.  This will allow the ones in the ground more room to grow, otherwise they would have stayed small.  I sauted the little carrots, beets, and beet greens with some chives, garlic, and olive oil.

Mr. Daisy is doing well.  I took him outside of the chicken coop yesterday.  He finally was excited about all the green food surrounding him!

And tonight is the opening reception for Indulge at Water Street Studios curated by Anni Holm.  Diversity of the Tomato will be on display until September 8th!

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