Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relish the Chicken Sewn and Chickens Enjoying Scraps

I finished sewing the second chicken, Relish.  My original plans were to sew three chickens, but I think five might look better.  I want to show the many different chickens.

Relish up close.

When we have scraps from the kitchen they go in a bucket.  When it gets full, I take it out to the compost.  The chickens have learned that when they see me, I usually have food.  They run to me and follow me to the compost!

My oatmeal with raisins had gone bad so they gobbled it up.  They really like mushy things like tofu and noodles.  They also LOVE eggshells.

Relish found some creamy goop to enjoy and she has no interest in sharing.

Honey likes to stick her head in the bucket to get every last bit out.

I am going to miss these chickens so much!

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