Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Relish the Chicken and Dust Bathing

I am going to call her Relish.  She is super curious but will not let me get too close to her.  Her face is so sweet!

This is where the ladies like to hang out and dust bath.  This means they roll around in the dirt to cleanse themselves of any bugs.  I love watching them do this because they look like they really enjoy it.

When they are done, they ruffle their feathers to get rid of the dirt!  Poof!

Relish is the next chicken I will be sewing together.

This is an Oriole.  They are super bright!

I have 8 more days here at Wormfarm.  I am going to miss all the different animals and greenery, but I know I will be back someday!


  1. The photo of the white chicken looks like a battle scene where the white one is a proud general and all of her men have fallen... 'Heneral Lee'...

    1. haha! I love you. That is funny that you said that because I wanted to say, "It looks like she poisoned them all and they are writhing in pain" but thought readers might not appreciate that! Heneral Lee! That is what I will call her.