Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goodbye Wormfarm - For Now

I finished my time as a resident artist at The Wormfarm Institute on June 21st.  I had a wonderful time and have grown as an artist and as a person.  The Wormfarm opened up a lot of possibilities for me and I am thankful for the experience.

The Wormfarm is part of a collaborative CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) called Wisconsin Home Harvest.  Before I left, I wrote a few paragraphs about my time spent at The Wormfarm for the Wisconsin Home Harvest newsletter that would be sent out to all the members of the CSA.  A photo of Honey and I was included as well!  Here is what I wrote:

I have been an artist in residence here at The Wormfarm Institute since May 20th and will be leaving in a few days.  I was born and raised in Chicago and therefore have always been surrounded by concrete and dirty pigeons with missing toes.  Reedsburg, Wisconsin offered me something more natural and a chance to be connected to the animals and land surrounding me. 

The chickens were the highlight of my stay.  All those beautiful, feathery, plump ladies running to me all at once in hopes that I had something good for them to eat.   Much of my time here was spent watching them and learning their habits.  I admired the way they bathed in the sun.  They would lie down, sprawl out their wings and legs, close their eyes and tilt their heads towards the sun, taking every ray in.   Food is their main obsession.  They roam The Wormfarm searching for bugs and greenery to snack on throughout the day.  Their wide variety of nourishment is the cause for the most golden yolks I have ever seen in an egg.  These ladies are living the life and their eggs are the proof of that!

Relish, Honey, and Heneral Lee are the names I have given my three favorite hens.  They stood out from all the rest and were the inspiration for much of the artwork I created while here.  It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but I know I will be back.

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