Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So You Wanna Be a Chicken Lady!

Here is how to be a chicken lady...

This is where the chickens live.  In the morning you can hear them clucking because they want out to eat!

I go inside to grab a big scoop of grain for them and they know it.  I pour an 8 foot line of grain in the road.

I open their tiny door and the race to food begins.  Every single one tries to get out at the same exact time.  This is my favorite part.

Three chickens do not fit through this door...

Maybe two will fit...

They get in line to eat the grain, their fluffy bums in the air!  So beautiful!

Then I go back inside to collect their eggs.  I reach in under their fluffy bellies to grab their warm eggs.  A chicken can lay one egg a day.  They don't like this and usually peck my hand but it doesn't hurt.  You have to be gentle and do not hesitate.  I talk to them softly and say thank you.

Sometimes I am lucky and there isn't a chicken in the box.  There are 6 nesting boxes.

Fresh eggs!

I put them here until I fill the whole thing.  It takes 2 to 3 mornings to fill it.  Then I take them to the kitchen.  An egg can stay out of the fridge for a month.  Once they are cleaned they have to go in the fridge.

At night they roost here.  They are not all in yet but this is most of them.  The little rooster, Mr. Daisy, is on the far right!  Their tiny door gets closed and they are safe from predators...hopefully.

Goodnight ladies and Daisy!


  1. What a fabulous story. This would make a great children's book. And its completely true! I love the way that you present this Kim. And I especially like it that you thank the chickens. Though I'm not surprised! Hope you're having that much fun and inspiration all day every day at Wormfarm

  2. Thank you Mr. Kennedy! Everyday at Wormfarm has been awesome.