Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crop Rotation!

These are oats, peas, and chamomile.  When vegetables are grown in the same place for years after years they take all the nutrients out of the soil.  To keep nutrients in the soil organic farmers will rotate their crops, meaning for a certain amount of years or so they will grow all their veggies in the same place and then grow them in different soil years to follow.  To put nitrogen back into the soil where veggies were grown, they will grow nitrogen rich plants like peas in that area for some time.

Crop rotation can also help control pests and diseases.  When the same vegetable is grown in the same place year after year, bugs and diseases stay in the soil and the vegetable is easily attacked.  By rotating the location of the crop, it gets a fresh start!

You can read more about the benefits of crop rotation here.


Anike and I planted beans when we first got to Wormfarm Institute two weeks ago.  Look how they have grown!

Inspired by the eggs here at Wormfarm.  Bright, yellow yolks!

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