Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transplanting Chard and New Kitties

Today I transplanted Rainbow Chard into the ground. Jay started their seeds in trays in the greenhouse a couple months ago. This way they can grow in stable conditions and have a better chance of thriving when they are put outside.  Also, you can get sprouts ready when the weather is still too cold to plant so that once the weather is good you've got a head start.

Rainbow Chard sprouts in their tray before I placed them in 3 rows with a foot apart.

I transplanted brocoli as well!  2 rows, a foot apart.

And for lunch, golden yolks from happy chickens. 

Jay surprised me with getting two kittens today for the barn.  Toonces from last year ran away, never to return so they needed some cats to collect mice and chipmunks around the farm.  This is Jem. She and her brother hid for most of the day.

I read my book in the studio to get them comfortable around me.

Finally Jem and I became friends.  Chester is still hiding from me.

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