Monday, May 13, 2013

Kitties See the Sun

Friday I transplanted little tomato plants from open trays to their own individual cells.  There was a little over 200 tomato plants in the open tray to the right with 10 different varieties of tomatoes.  I planted them deep because the bottoms of their stems are fuzzy which will grow into more roots.  I trimmed the roots to encourage more root growth.

Today I planted onions into the ground.  They smell so good!  Jay trimmed the tops and the roots to encourage growth and make them easier to transplant.  I planted about 3 to 5 individual onion plants in the ground with 6-8 inches apart.  We can plant a clump of 3 to 5 together because they can still grow large when they are together, unlike beets and carrots.  If you don't make room for each beet or carrot then they will not grow much.

Jay opened the door this weekend to the room the cats had been staying in. They had been hesitating to adventure too far.  Today I urged them to come out into the sunshine.  They weren't too sure.

But with a little time they started to wander and play!


Fresh eggs from the ladies and chives growing randomly in front of the kitchen.  It's normal to everyone out here to have food growing outside their home...but it's super special to me.

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