Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Basil, Squash, Dandelion Wine, Chicks, Morels, Crookshanks

Last Friday I transplanted Basil into the ground.

Mmmmm.  3 rows, staggered, I believe 6-8 inches apart.

I also transplanted the super delicate squash plants.  They do not like their roots disturbed so I had to be very careful pulling them out of their trays.  They were planted 2 feet apart.

I made a batch of dandelion wine.  They have to sit like this in a dark, cool place for 3 weeks.  Then I put the caps on and let it sit for 6 months.  Lets hope it works out.  The balloons have tiny holes in them so they won't explode!

Andrea brought 4 baby chicks to the farm and a month old Brahma chicken (the dino looking creature).  There are two Buff Orpingtons (that is what Honey is!) and two Ameraucanas.  The Ameraucanas will lay green eggs.  I can't wait to watch them grow into beautiful ladies!

Yesterday I thought there had been enough rain and that maybe I would find some morels.  Success!  It was like easter egg hunting for adults.  I found one and then there were about 15 more nearby.

I soaked them in water to get rid of any bugs.  I'm going to make a morel sauce to share with my Grandma!

Crookshanks wants in my studio.

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