Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garlic and Cows

Yesterday I cultivated the garlic, which means I broke up the soil. I brought the hoe through the rows to break up any roots of weeds. Hoeing also kills seedlings of weeds that have not appeared yet. The bed of garlic on the left has been cultivated. The bed on the right has not been.

Garlic cloves are planted in the late fall of the previous year. The hay is placed over the beds of garlic to keep them moist, protect them from the cold winter and moderate weeds. Garlic doesn't handle weeds well. We took the hay off the garlic to hoe the beds and to let the plants soak up a ton of sun. We will put the hay back over the soil of the garlic beds soon.

I can't wait for garlic scapes!

The cows came this weekend. Momma cows and their babies. They graze all day long and poop all day long nourishing the land.

Yesterday I caught this moment of a cow and a chicken contemplating one another's existence. They stood there looking at each other thoughtfully for about 5 minutes.

"You're really big..."
"You're really small..."

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