Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potluck: Chicago, "We Want People to Eat Together!"

Potluck: Chicago is back at Columbia to meet with Ali from Motiroti one last time before we are on our own. We are discussing our plate intervention that we have come up with. We want to pass out these plates to strangers and ask them to join us on Friday for a Potluck. On the plate is a survey for people to take to answer some questions about their food/neighborhood/and if they'd like to join us for a Potluck.

Here we are sticking the 2,000 stickers on the 2,000 plates.

More sticker to plate sticking....

2,000 plates all done!

We made a wonderful list of what we want Potluck: Chicago to be.

Opening tonight at the Smart Museum, a diary of what we have done so far will be displayed at Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art! It will be showing from February 15 - June 10. We will be passing out some of our plates and asking people "What is your comfort food?" which will then be stuck on the wall. We will also be taking peoples photographs with their post its and including them on the wall.

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