Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eat a Romanesco!

Here is a tiny update on the second corn I am sewing. I have finished this piece today and have another one to do before I can say I have two pieces of corn done. They take a very long time but it is very relaxing sewing each kernel on.

This is a Romanesco Cauliflower. He was super yummy with horseradish hummus. It is so mesmerizing to follow the pattern of this vegetable.

Last Thursday, Chicago Artist Resource hosted "Public Art: How to do Art in Public Spaces" at the Chicago Cultural Center. I went to educate myself for Potluck: Chicago's project we will be doing in February, and because I have an idea for Version 12. It is a festival where creative people will "open and remix" twelve temporary spaces for the month of May in Bridgeport. Their "plans include opening up a used bookstore, a nightly performance space in a church, a home brewing club kitchen, a department store/gallery showcasing all locally manufactured small batch and artisanal products, nomadic collaborative restaurants, and community kitchens, parking lot flea markets, a neighborhood tourism bureau, and a rotating exhibition space for artist and designers."

I want to propose a public art piece that would produce food as well so that people could take from the piece. Kale and Chard to be exact! I want to draw up some ideas and see if this could actually be possible and then hopefully find some people who would be interested in joining me and making this idea stronger.

I can't wait for summer. I want to farm!


  1. All of this post sounds and looks awesome! I'm interested in working supporting you public art idea if you find you need help!

    Also you should get in on this "Adopt a Parkway" grant!

  2. Also we grew some romanesco this summer. They are truly remarkable.

  3. This sounds like a really cool idea, Kim. I hope things flesh out well. I'd be interested.

  4. Thanks a lot Jim! And Molly, I'm glad you are interested in the public art idea, I was hoping you would be. We can talk about it tomorrow when I pick up Mrs. Chicken.