Friday, February 17, 2012

Potluck: Chicago and Feast!

While my cornbread cooks and cools for our Potluck tonight, I thought I'd blog about what has been happening with Potluck: Chicago in the past few days.

Here are the panels of what Potluck: Chicago has done so far, displayed at the Smart Museum for the current exhibition Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art. We are all so proud to have come so far. We started in November, as Critical Encounters art residents at Columbia College, meeting Ali and Tim from Motiroti for the first time with no idea where we would be in the future. We have ended up with something wonderful.

We had post-its for visitors to write their answer to "What is your comfort food?" At the end of the night the piece was completely covered with post-its, and almost impossible to see the CTA transit map: a lovely metaphor.

Here is La Keisha inviting people to our Potluck that is happening tonight!

Deirdre, Chelsea, myself, La Keisha, Jessica!

This was an amazing buffet, Flying Feast by Sonja Alhäuser. These were large butter sculptures that later visitors were allowed to eat!

Servers were walking around with these butter sculptures.

Enemy Kitchen by Michael Rakowitz. Iraqi food served by American veterans of the Iraq War.

The next morning we hit the CTA platforms and streets to invite people to our potluck tonight. Here is Helen and David all geared up with aprons and plates.

"Do you like potlucks?" was the icebreaker and it worked! So few people said no and we have received about 30 responses to our invitation! Some yes's for tonight and some no's but yes to potlucks in the future.

We started at Lawrence on the red line and made our way south to Garfield. Next time I will get the guts to hand out plates!

Tonight in Garfield Park, we are hosting a potluck. My cornbread is cooling, it's time for me to leave!

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