Monday, April 2, 2012

Clutch Gallery!

I have the amazing opportunity to install my work in Clutch Gallery for the month of April.  Clutch Gallery is a clutch purse with four white walls inside of it.  Emma Robbins, the current curator of the gallery, carries the purse with her and shares whats inside with others as she goes about her day in Chicago.

I have had a while to think of what I want to do with Clutch.  This is a chance to do something very different from what I usually do.  I was excited that I would be making artwork strictly for Clutch and that it would be displayed for a month.  This meant my piece could be touched without worry of it being ruined or gooey by the time I get it back.

I love going to the beach and sifting through the sand for the perfect rock and collecting every color Lake Michigan has to offer.  For Clutch I wanted to place all those colors inside of it for an aesthetically pleasing view of earthy hues, just as I have done in the painting above.  But I wanted to mimic my ritual of choosing the perfect one.  So the viewer will be able to look through these hard shapes, touch every single one if they choose, pour the contents out onto a table or floor if they choose, and take the one they choose.

I am sculpting them out of paper-mache so that Clutch doesn't weigh Emma down too much!  Once they dry I am painting them with watercolor.  I have many more to make!

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