Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Nights Opening Reception for Chicago's Twelve: 12 Artists Mobilizing the Earth

Last night was the opening reception at the Zhou B Art Center for Chicago's Twelve: 12 Artists Mobilizing the Earth.  It was an incredible turnout and nothing like anything I have ever been a part of before.  I had a wonderful time!  

Harvesting the Blue Potato is a calendar displaying when the blue potato is grown and harvested in the Midwest.  It is rare for producers and consumers to consider availability of fruits and vegetables.  To make vegetables and fruits available year round we transport them from hundreds to thousands of miles away; wasting energy, using excessive packaging and reducing the quality of the product.  This piece is a reminder that there is an appropriate time and place for the produce we consume.

I am talking to the amazing artist Cathi Schwalbe!  She is big inspiration and the reason I found out about the Wormfarm Institute residency I will be starting in May!  And I am standing in front of another piece of mine titled Farmer Joel's Duck Eggs.

Chicago's Twelve will be up till June 9th at the Zhou B Art Center!

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