Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beach in Clutch Gallery!

Clutch Gallery!

My piece, Beach, will be inside (and out) of the
Clutch Gallery till May 1, 2012.

 is a collection of earthy hues that are found
in the rocks of Lake Michigan.  Beach celebrates
the complexity of organic colors and the subtle
differences in tones from stone to stone.  
At first
glance it appears to be one color, but when
we take a closer view the rock is made up of a
wide spectrum of colors. The shapes in Beach
are single colors that have been dissected from
a small number of rocks. The viewer is invited to
search through the hard shapes in Clutch and
choose one to take from the cluster of hues.

These are examples of taking many colors from
one rock.  The rock is the top left one. 

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