Friday, December 23, 2011

Monstrous Monsanto Hand

I'm done sculpting the huge Monsanto ended up bigger than I intended, but that's not a problem. Next, I will work on the farmer's hand, but I may use clay instead because I don't want the farmer's hand to look so rough.

I will dress him with a sleeve from a suit jacket. I think I will go to a Salvation Army to buy one and sew two sleeves together. Originally, I had the idea to put nuts and bolts throughout the piece but it didn't look right and it made the piece easier to break. I may still glue them on...but I don't think I will. Nor do I think the piece needs it anymore....not sure.

This is for scale. Jacob's hand against the Monsanto hand. It's actually very light though. I will be picking up tiny pieces of plaster for days... :0 )

1 comment:

  1. That first photo makes it look like it will be about six feet tall! Which would be really really overpowering wouldn't it? I look forward to seeing this done and the farmer next to it. have a great Christmas time. I hope you and Jacob have awonderful 2012 and that I will see you in it somewhere.