Friday, December 30, 2011

Farmer's Hand Complete!

I finished the farmer's hand this morning. Now I will start making the corn out of should be really fun!

I am going to buy the Monsanto hand his suit and the farmer's hand his flannel from the thrift store today. :O )

It will be interesting to see how this clay dries. It will more than likely crack but I think that will be fitting. I've only used this clay for the tomatoes and it worked really well for them, but they were small and easy to carve out the insides so they'd dry faster and without cracking.

The fingers were planning on sagging so I cut the armature from the clay monsanto hand I'd built in the summer and stuck the wires into the palm.

This is the end result. The holes in the arm will be to tie the hand down to the board with wire, I also added two holes in the palm since the corn will cover it. This picture is kinda creepy...

I'm excited for this piece! All the hard parts are done. Smooth sailing from here on out.

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