Monday, October 31, 2011

Farmer Kim and Farmer Jacob

Happy Halloween!

We wore my overalls to work (Trader Joe's) today and called ourselves farmers. My pin says "support local organic farmers" and that is a chicken on Jacob's shoulder. A woman came through my line and told me she grew up on a farm in Ireland. The more I talk about farming to middle aged people the more I find out nearly every middle aged person either grew up on a farm or had a close relative who had a farm. Now there are so few farmers...who will grow our food? The answer is other countries....but that is a whole other blog post. :0 )

Today at Chipotle after 6pm, if you wear a family farm related costume you get a $2 we are waiting for 6pm to come along so we can have dinner. My sister is going to be the cow I was last year.

Lan, Jacob, me, and Emily as a frightening bunny.

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