Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls and Gourds

I made this beauty yesterday for breakfast with Mr. Sanders. Vegan and from scratch, dough and all!

I have been getting super creative with soups and they are actually turning out great. Jacob is pretty happy about it. He'd eat soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could.

A bit of work in progress. This is another abstract gourd piece I am working on. The gourd I worked from is in front of the sewing machine. I drew the view of the gourd from the bottom onto fabric and cut it out of the fabric. On top of the sewing machine is an example of what they will all look like once I cut the paper around them. Now I am glueing the fabric to paper. It took a while to figure out how I would make these shapes and with what material. I originally would have sewed them but the edges would have frayed and look pretty terrible. The glue is actually keeping the fabric stuck to the paper and not allowing it to fray! From there I will glue the fabric on paper to more paper....hard to explain...but you will see soon enough!

This is my ooey-gooey wheat flour glue I's an amazing alternative to commercial glues.

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