Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomatoes at Their Peak

After setting Diversity of the Tomato up at the school for the BFA show (opening reception, Thursday, September 15th, 5-8pm) I noticed that the piece looked very sparse. I have this annoying ability to make everything exactly the same. So most of the tomatoes are medium or small. Nothing in between and nothing bigger. And every time I would tell myself to make a big one it ended up being a medium guy. I am afraid of making things BIG. But I have been making tomatoes that I will add to the piece and most of them are BIG!

This is what the piece looks like now...not as bad in photo but in person it lacks variety in shape and size...and that is the whole point of the piece!

This guy is 6 inches wide! First I sculpt them with self-hardening clay and after a day of the top drying, I carve out the inside (very fun!). Once they are fully dry I will paint them with white oil paint and linseed oil. Then I will secretly sneak into the gallery and add my tomatoes to the piece...

I added him for a bit more variety in shape, not so much size since he is only 3 inches wide.

5 inches!

5 1/2 inches!

A tiny lady for variety in shape. She is only 2 1/2 inches wide and an inch tall. I am in the process of making at least four more tomatoes with the last bit of clay I have.

And these are not sculptures but real tomatoes from my CSA this week! Very beautiful and a great example of the many colors a tomato can be which is seen in the quilt of Diversity of the Tomato.

One last thing to mention. I was out of clay to sculpt these guys, so I needed to go to Blicks. I would usually take the red line 2 stops to the end then wait 15 minutes for the purple line. And on the way back, waiting for the purple line can be 25 minutes sometimes. So I rode my bike with Jacob instead! 8 miles in all. It felt so wonderful to take myself somewhere instead of waiting for Mama L to bring me there on her own watch. I'm still afraid to ride on my own but I think I will get there.

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