Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Muddy Boots on the Farm

Yesterday at the farm, we started the day off with harvesting Rainbow Chard. The dark, massive clouds started to roll in. It was gloomy as we finished the rainbow chard and moved on to the summer squash. Once the squash was harvested it was time to pull the radishes from the ground. As we walked towards the radishes we could hear the thunder rolling. The sky was pink and the swallows were circling right above our heads searching for shelter. We had harvested half the radishes we needed when the rain started to drizzle. I was excited because I was never allowed to play in the rain as a child and since then had never spent much time in the rain without an umbrella. It soon started to pour and there was no longer a single thing dry on my body. While searching for some large radishes I almost slipped and fell into the gooey mud. Luckily I brought my brand new sloggers!

I was laughing hysterically at one point because it was so much fun...but soon it got cold. When we finished gathering 170 bunches of radishes we went back to the barn and stayed there. We washed the chard and radishes then we trimmed the stalk and roots from the many onions we pulled from the ground last week. It was a lot of fun listening to stories with some of the most interesting people I have ever met. And Jami said that if I were a bird I would be a finch!

My clothes are still wet and as much as I blame my mom for never letting me play in the mud, I now understand why.

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