Monday, September 16, 2013

Harvesting for Sunday Market

Yesterday I did the market for Wormfarm at Thunder Valley Inn in the Dells.

It was a rainy day but the veggies looked beautiful.

The day before the market I harvested what I would need.  Here is some kale and chard about to soak in cold water.  It cleans the veggies of dirt and bugs but also gets them cold so they do not wilt in the fridge.


Took a break to enjoy a pear.

Honeycrisp apples.


Harvesting carrots is a lot of fun.  First I fork nearby the carrots to loosen the soil.

Then I pull them out easy.  It feels so good to pull these tasty orange guys out of the soil and here them pop as they come out.

Romano beans!

Yesterday was another useful experience learning to harvest for market and set up a stand. 

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