Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Adventure

Today was exciting!  I started out looking for nuts. 

I found tons of Hickory nuts.

The husk (the green part) dries up and inside is the nut.  Then I will crack the hard shell open to get to the meat.

Wormfarm has Hazelnuts!  They grow 2-4 in a husk.

The husk dries up and out comes the hazelnut that also needs to be cracked to get to the meat.

I meant to look for many others kinds of nuts but then Crook came along and distracted me...

Crookshank underneath the Hazelnut trees.

Crook climbing an apple tree!

I swear he was trying to show off...he then started to freak out a bit because he could not figure out how to get down.  I had to guide him back to the ground.  If only he could have grabbed the last few apples on this tree.  They were the sweetest ones I have found.

I'd been told there were old apple trees on the Wormfarm property.  I looked out and saw the most beautiful apple tree I have ever seen!

Tree of Protection

The apples were gigantic and sweet!  Biggest I'd ever seen!  But they were all hard to reach and hardly any were on the ground...I quickly found out why.  I turned around and saw there was another apple tree....

...but this cow was guarding it.  The cows are eating all the apples that fall from the trees and any they can reach!  She eventually moved but the apples from this tree were sour... I threw it towards here.

She was so happy eating apples that I went searching for all the rotten ones I could find and fed them to her.

I went back to the Narnia tree to read but she followed me.  I was too nervous to read with a thousand pound animal inching towards me for apples so I fed her a few more and went home.  I told her I'd bring her some more rotten ones from over the fence tomorrow!

Another beautiful fall day!

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