Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sewing a Miniature Me and Harvesting Chamomile!

I am almost near being finished with the first page of my book!  It has been a ton of fun working with my massive collection of fabric scraps.

Irises! So beautiful.

The Chamomile was not welcome in the hoop house so I harvested the flowers and tore out the plant. 

I am drying the flowers to make Chamomile Tea and Chamomile muffins!

We planted a whole bunch of peppers the other day.  We laid drip tape (irrigation) down the middle, then black plastic mulch on top to heat the soil for the peppers (they like it hot) and to cut down on the weeds.  We put cages on them so that they will grow upright.  18 inches apart, staggered, 2 rows.  Mmm mmm peppers!

The babes!  They have little feathers on their wings now.

And....the rooster.  I only post this image because so many wonder what he looks like.  He is a jerk and doesn't deserve to be named.

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