Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working on the Midnight Sun Farm

I work at Midnight Sun Farm every other Friday and in return I receive a box of fresh, organic vegetables every Sunday.  This is called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  In the beginning of the season a CSA member can purchase a 1/2 share or a full share.  That money allows farmers to buy equipment they will need to start the growing season.  But this year I am doing a work share, so instead I work for my 1/2 share.  It has been a lot of fun helping out on the farm with Nick and Becky.

Midnight Sun Farm leases 5 acres of land from Prairie Crossing Farm.  It is a 100 acre organic farm in Grayslake, Illinois that helps beginning farmers get started.  "The Incubator program works by providing land, farm infrastructure, and a positive learning environment that helps beginning farmers develop the entrepreneurial skills, farming knowledge and market networks needed to become successful professional farmers." -Prairie Crossing Farm

Prairie Crossing is awesome because their are so many different farmers, farming in their own way and learning from one another.  The animals in these pictures are not Midnight Sun Farm animals except for the hot baby turkeys!

Thistle is so beautiful....yet so painful.  

It is nice to have some chickens around me where ever I go!

Hot baby turkeys!

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