Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Market and Tomato Bite

Yesterday morning I was selling organic vegetables from the Wormfarm at Thunder Valley Inn Farmers Market in a Roadside Culture Stand. I love being at markets and sharing my love of veggies with everyone.

My very first bite of a tomato since last summer. Yum! I have learned that waiting to eat foods when they are actually in season is very rewarding. They taste how they were meant to. Full of flavor. And the wait makes it even better. In the next few weeks I will gorge myself on tomato everything, bruschetta, salsa, pasta the point that I will be ready to say goodbye again until next year! And I will make sure to can and freeze some as well.

A Monarch on a Milkweed plant. Milkweed is a very important plant for Monarchs.

Saturday afternoon reading in my winter jacket on a strangely cold day.

Potluck Sunday!

I made a Blueberry Tart.

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