Friday, March 15, 2013

Interactive Art Piece

I have been invited by curator, Anni Holm, to create an interactive piece for her show Earth to Table at the West Chicago City Museum.  I have had a lot of interest lately in making artwork that viewers can be involved in.  This was the first idea I have come up with.

The statement and question would be placed on the wall, "Each fruit and vegetable has a season when they grow in the Midwest and when they taste their best.  What vegetables and fruits do you like to eat during each season?"

There are 4 plates for each season and surrounding each plate are plushie vegetables and fruits grown during that season.  They are velcroed to the wall and attached to the wall with jute so that the viewer can't put a tomato on the winter plate.  There is also velcro on the plate.  

I want to create a piece that is educational, fun, and touchable.  Children really like my work and I'd like to pay more attention to that in the future.  

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