Sunday, October 7, 2012


Tonight I made soup with the last of the tomatoes for the year, some basil, chard and beans.  I received some Tokyo Bekana and Lettuce in my CSA share today and made a salad with them and added beets that I pickled.

This summer I was dedicated to eating as locally as possible and it has been very rewarding.  I waited all summer for tomatoes and peppers and when August finally rolled around I was happier than ever before to eat a pepper and a tomato!  Spinach comes around in the spring and again in the fall (tasting extra sweet from the frost!).  I am excited to have spinach again.  Sometimes it is nice not having everything I want when I want it.

By next summer I hope to be a master canner and receive a full CSA share instead of the 1/2 CSA share I had this year.  I would receive twice as much veggies and I would can and freeze the other half so that all winter I would have my summer veggies.  This has been a great summer of learning about eating locally and farming!

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