Friday, October 5, 2012

Farm Friday at Midnight Sun Farm

At Midnight Sun Farm today, we harvested the last of the peppers, since there is to be the first frost tonight that will kill the pepper plant.  It is sad to see summer ending.  Last week we collected the last of the tomatoes.  But if it was summer all the time, I wouldn't love it as much. 

Then!  We harvested potatoes, my favorite to harvest!  Nick took the tractor across the rows to soften the soil; making it easier to dig and bringing the potatoes up closer to the surface.  Harvesting potatoes is similar to digging like a dog.

 My sister, Katie, has been coming with on Fridays.  She loves it as much as me....maybe we could have a small organic farm together called Short Stuff Farm.

Digging for gold/potatoes.

Before I left, I collected some basil to add to the flour mix for Fried Green Tomatoes!

So, I received the new camera in the mail...but it did not take high resolution images so it is on its way back to Kentucky.  Luckily, my unreliable camera decided to work again...for now.  meh.

Also, I regret that the camera was not working while I finished my new piece "The Feathery Ladies of The Wormfarm Institute."  The piece is now in Reedsburg, Wisconisn for The Wormfarm Institute's 2012 Resident Artist Show, opening Friday, October 12, 5-8pm!

Golly, I missed blogging!

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