Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mrs. Chickens Chance to Shine!

Mrs. Chicken on Her Hill is going to be in a show along with one other piece of mine! She will be at the B1E Gallery in Rogers Park, 6902 N. Glenwood Ave (1/2 a block from the Morse red line stop) on Wednesday, January 18th, 7-10pm and Saturday, January 21st, 7-10pm! Come see Mrs. Chicken in all her glory!

A sign I made for the backroom at work.

More cards to be handed out with an image of the artwork on the front and details on the back.

I had to repaint Mrs. Chicken because she never got the second coat of paint she deserved.

And I finally sewed the corn together. I was worried it would not work but I think it turned out "corn-like." I will sew a husk on to it to make it a bit more obvious what it is. Then I have about 3 to 5 more corns to create for the Monsanto hand to crush.

It's snowing!!!

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