Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Wormfarm Institute Resident Art Show Opening Reception

The opening reception of Straw Hat Wearin' Artist Farmers: 2013 Wormfarm Institute Resident Art Show was a ton of fun.  There were many Reedsburg locals who came out that I have met while I have been here.  It was very nice to see everyone.

I displayed the 9 pages of Farmer Kim and The Feathery Ladies on the wall since the book has 6 pages to go and it's not quite ready to be bound.

I had some chickens for people to take home and love.  The description read "Farmer Kim and The Feathery Ladies will become a 15 page, 18 x 24 inch fabric book.  As of now it is a work in progress.  I am telling the story of the chickens' lives at the Wormfarm.  Their days consist of roaming around completely free range, enjoying greenery, sunbathing, and jumping leg deep in cow pies to dig for bugs.  The result from such a lovely existence is big, bouncy, golden yolks, which you will never get from a chicken cooped up in a small cage."

"Hello, I'm Farmer Kim!"

I was rockin' my $6 vintage dress (that fits like a glove and is handmade!) that I found at the thrift store next door!

I curated the show and now I know more than ever that curating is not easy!  Here is work by Naomi O'Donnell titled (from left to right) Wisconsin Safari: Privacy Tent and Floppity Lives His Triumph.

Jami Lin is currently a writer-in-residence and she created this piece titled Tactiles which you can open and read her writings inside.

She also gave a wonderful reading of some of her short stories she has written while here at the Wormfarm.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Visits Wisconsin (top) and Sunflower Study (bottom)

And Terrrence Campagna's piece titled, New Branch (Reedsburg, WI/Omaha, NE/Marquette, NE)

Thanks to all who came out to see the work!

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