Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submission for a site-specific art installation

I found a call for a site-specific installation proposal. The space is about 6.5 by 10.5 feet. It is small which makes it perfect for Diversity of the Tomato. Below is an image of the piece I created in April which is intended to be installed in a room from corner to corner, covering the entire floor. It is just the beginning, above is what I really want this piece to become. It is a map of the room. If I were to be chosen I would sew an approximately 6.5x10.5 foot covering with at least 150 sculpted tomatoes that would sit upon it. The white space inside the image is a walkway to the center and would not be covered in fabric. It would be designed for one person at a time to view the space and take in the many colors, shapes, and sizes a tomato can be.

Here is the website. back room projects

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