Friday, June 10, 2011

Eggs are done and first week of CSA!

I have finished making my eggs. They caused me a lot of trouble but I finally figured out how to make them work. Their fabric no longer comes off...I even dropped some of them and they were still ok!

This is an example of what the piece would look like when viewed. I want it to hang over the viewers head...and the eggs would be attached to the jute making it harder to read the text. I also want the jute to be many different lengths...the shorter the length, the closer the egg will be to the text making it harder to read. The lengths of the jute would depend on where the piece is located...but I think I will get a photo of the piece put together next week. I am still not sure how the piece would be lit though...the obvious answer would be to place a light underneath it but that is where the viewer is to stand so I am not too sure. Any suggestions?

This is a view of the top. Once the letters were on the fabric I was able to slip the fabric onto the piece of wood. I placed a sheet of paper on top to mark where I would want to drill holes into the wood without going through the letters. Then I took the fabric off, and used the paper to mark the circles that would be drilled. I drilled 19 holes, and two for the eyebolts. Then wrapped the wood back up in fabric and sewed the ends shut. I was able to place the sheet of paper back on top to figure out where the holes where, cut the fabric a tiny bit on both sides and send a needle with jute through the hole and tied a washer to the end so the jute won't fall through. The two eyebolts will be what holds the piece from the ceiling with jute. Tada!

Also! I got my first CSA last Sunday. For those who do not know what a CSA is, it stands for Community-Supported Agriculture and I gave a set amount of money in April to a local farm and each Sunday they give me a bag of fresh produce until mid-October. It is a great way to support local farms and get yummy vegetables in return. The farm I get my CSA from is Midnight Sun Farm and the farmers are Nick and Becky. They are really kind people and I am really excited. And above is a Marigold and Johnny Jump Ups plant! We also received Bloomsdale Spinach, a salad mix of 12 types of lettuce, 1/2 dozen eggs, Sungold Cherry Tomato plant (my favorite, very very sweet), and a basil plant.

I was thinking about how much this CSA means to me and the farmers and I wanted to create work that promotes how wonderful they are. So for now I thought I could make a sort of collage of the items I get each week. So far I have made the Johnny Jump Ups and the Marigolds...but I better hurry up because I get more this Sunday. :0 )

o, thank you Kat for your response on how to keep my herbs alive!

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  1. Just wrote a really long comment and somehow it didn't post. But in a nutshell I suggest rethinking the wood behind the fabric, make a frame like a canvas stretcher and lighting from the back. The words will cast little shadow plays on the eggs and people will be looking up into the definition through the eggs rather than having the eggs lit and casting shadows on the fabric.