Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reedsburg, I miss you!

It's official.  I am back in Chicago.  I have moved into my new place and unpacked my boxes once again.

On my second to last day, Trouser and I took a walk.

We dared to trespass through the neighbors corn.  I kept looking back thinking I heard someone but it was the corn rustling with the wind.  Then Trouser came running down a row of corn next to me and burst through to my row, scaring me.  He was very pleased with himself.

I sat down for a while to think about my time here in Reedsburg and the many goals I have accomplished.  I also thought of what I want to achieve in Chicago.  I am a different person from when I got to Reedsburg in May.  I feel stronger and more confident in myself.  I have a clearer idea of what I am working towards.  Only recently I realized that we are never done growing and learning. At first that scared me.  But now it excites me and makes me want to experience and do as much as possible!

Jem came out to flirt.  Right before I left for Chicago I went to say goodbye to Jem and Crook.  They were so loveable and clingy that I stayed an extra half hour, unable to leave them.

Brahma Mama, a very sweet, gentle lady.

And dear little Relly Belly soaking up the sun.

Wowee, this summer was AMAZING.  I have made so many awesome friends, made tons of art and ate a lot of really good food.  This is the first summer where my diet was almost entirely local and now that I've experienced that I can't imagine buying a zucchini from the grocery store in February.

Thank you to Jay Salinas and Donna Neuwirth for the incredible opportunity to be the Residency Manager and Farm Manager at the Wormfarm.

And of course, before I left Reedsburg I made sure to stop at St. Vincent's and I found this goofy sweater for $2.50.  Reedsburg, I  miss you and I'll see you sometime soon!

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  1. Wonderful post. Makes me miss the place although I've never been.
    Welcome back, Kim!