Monday, September 12, 2011

Chickens and Turkeys at Midnight Sun Organics Farm!

Jacob and I had a great time at Midnight Sun Organics farm in Grayslake, Illinois. I got to know the Nick and Becky, the farmers and meet their turkeys and chickens.

When we first got off the truck to see the turkeys they ran to us, all together. It was hilarious. Then suddenly they decided they must all run away from us! They did this a few times. They are very curious and get more and more cute the longer you watch them. We got to go in their area and they really didn't mind. I guess these guys are still young. Nick had said they were only 4 inches tall three weeks ago...Jacob says he said six weeks ago...but I think he said three. Either way they got big fast.

I met some chickens! These are not Nick and Becky's chickens (those photos didn't come out very nice) but these ladies...and a few gentlemen were so beautiful. I am really inspired by their colors and hope to start a piece with their colors soon.

I saw a rooster crow. I can't wait to someday have some chickens of my own. They can be very nasty to each other though...

A chicken glowing in the sun. It was a great day.


  1. Very nice! What a great day this looks like. Did you know you can raise chickens in the city but not in most of the suburbs? My neighbors have them and it's awesome.

  2. I did know that, and I can't wait to someday have the space for them! I want to see your neighbors chickens!