Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ruby Garden!

I went to Ruby Garden yesterday and today to paint there for the first time. Yesterday did not go so well when it came to painting but today I finally did something I wouldn't be embarrassed to share. I am going to make a habit of going as often as possible. Painting plants is really complicated. There are so many layers and I get a bit bored since I am mostly interested in the colors I am seeing so I am going to go back tomorrow and start collecting all the colors in the Ruby Garden. I will do this by making drops of colors...if that doesn't make sense...don't worry I will show you soon.

One of the beautiful orangey, red sunflowers.

Zucchini flowers! When I was in Italy I had fried zucchini flowers, they were so tasty.

The garden looks amazing. Everything is so tall and colorful. Just a month ago, the plants were so tiny, and I saw a lot of dirt. Now I can hardly see dirt at all!

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