Thursday, May 19, 2011

More About Eggs

I finished painting Kernals and Shallot. Now I need to cut it out and figure out how to put it on a wall with Jute. It is 20.5x16.75 inches

This is my new idea. The cubes originally were going to represent the eggs, but I think they will actually be sculpted eggs.

This will be the piece of wood I will drill holes into and wrap in fabric. It is 11.75x21.25 inches and very light.

These are an idea for the eggs. They are made of plaster and paper mache and painted with water color. I do not know if they will be the actual eggs I will use, they may end up wrapped in fabric instead.


  1. Right now I am confused about the relationship between veganism and the local producer agenda. I'm seeing a pair of ideas setting vegan agenda/ definition against organic, unique eggs, some of which may be closer to me than others but I am not sure if the locavore issue is addressed in this piece effectively yet? Why do I experience these things above me instead of in a line from near and accessible to far away and inaccessible for example? I'd like to hear you speak about this like we used to, but the blog might be a better way for you to test your ideas. I'll keep checking in. MBK

  2. Thank you for your reply! I was only using locavore as an example of another label that is out there. My piece is only about the vegan label. I was trying to say that any label can feel impossible to reach so one may give up entirely. I wanted the definition of vegan and the eggs above the viewers head like a hierarchy. Vegan is above me, it was viewed as the best of the best to me until I started thinking for what was good for me and picking apart what made sense to me. The eggs are next in the hierarchy but in a way they are blocking the definition of vegan as if the eggs are the top of the hierarchy. Let me know what you think because I have been struggling with how to show this for over a week now.